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CFTN-Flagstaff is a local body of believers who are focused on:

  1. Jesus Christ – we are an UNASHAMED CHRISTIAN church. The person of Jesus Christ is central to all we do and through Him we have relationship with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

  2. The Bible – we are a BIBLE-BASED AND BIBLE TAUGHT church. We are committed to the Bible as the Word of God and our final authority for rule and practice.

  3. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit – we are a SPIRIT-FILLED, SPIRIT-LED church. We believe that each Christian should develop the fruit of the Spirit and seek to use the gifts of the Spirit for the benefit of others.

  4. Discipleship – we are a MATURING church. Our goal is to help people become completely committed followers of Jesus Christ.

  5. Prayer – we are a PRAYING church. Our goal is become a “house of prayer for all nations.”

  6. Worship – we are a WORSHIPING church. Our goal is to express our devotion to God through joyful praise and intimate worship.

  7. Loving Relationships – we are a LOVING church. Our goal is to see every person loved and cared for in such a way that they feel accepted, valued and have a sense of dignity and belonging.

  8. Servant Hood – we are a SERVING AND GIVING church. Our goal is to see every member developing their God-given abilities and using them to serve others.

  9. Outreach – we are an EVANGELISTIC AND REACHING church. Our goal is to reach lost people both near and far and influence our community for righteousness through evangelism, community outreach, missions and church planting.

  10. Relevance – we are a CONTEMPORARY, HIGH IMPACT church. Our goal is to present the message of Christ in a way that is meaningful to regular attendees while being understandable and irresistible to visitors.

  11. Diversity – we are a UNIFIED church. Our goal is to bridge racial, cultural, gender, socio-economic and generational gaps so as to create a community where all people can relate together in a spirit of love and unity.

  12. Excellence – we are a QUALITY church. Our goal is to pursue excellence in all aspects of church life in order to bring glory to God.


Our mission is to raise up committed, sacrificial followers of Jesus Christ who will reach out and impact communities, cities and nations for the Kingdom of God.

We desire that people of all ages, find that Flagstaff and Northern Arizona is the easiest place to love Jesus with all their hearts and find complete satisfaction in sacrificial Christian service.

Growing together in close relationships, discipleship and ministry experiences through Life Groups.

Reaching out with compassion ministries, care and support to people through our counseling and community ministries.

Housing a vibrant, life giving Cafe that works along side of the 7 Mountain Strategy in our City to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming and irresistible for the Body of Christ in our community to experience the Grace of Jesus Christ, the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the Love of the Father!

Educating the hearts and minds of twenty or more (20+) students in our Leadership Training School, Chaplains Ministry and Others.

Working with the local “Flagstaff Undivided” to present a Christian influence to the students of every Elementary and Secondary school in our region.

Establishing a strategic church-planting method in “God Called” places around our state, nation and globe.

Sending 5 people on Global Impact Teams (G.I.T.s) and investing ten thousand dollars annually to impact unreached people groups, those persecuted through social and religious injustice and the poor in other nations.

I believe this will honor God and bring glory to His name while expanding the Kingdom of His Son, Jesus Christ.

CFTN-Flagstaff is a Church Family that Values & Celebrates:

  • The Word of God through accurate and passionate teaching.

  • The Presence of God through vibrant life-giving praise and worship services.

  • The Family of God by helping them become all God intends.

  • The Power of God by cultivating a life style that Attracts the Supernatural.

  • A Healthy Church Family that is inviting, welcoming, affirming and equipping at every stage of a person’s life.

  • Past and future generations

  • People of every culture

  • Biblical literacy and accuracy in its application

  • Faith that takes risks and lives on the edge

  • Developing and implementing new cutting edge ministries

  • Being externally focused on the needs of the community, city, state and nations.

  • Engaging in international ministry

  • “Proclaiming the Excellencies of the Lord” at every level of ministry.




To answer that question, I first would like to identify what makes CFTN.F different than any other church in our city, not arrogant thinking but correct thinking that will help us clearly see what opportunities God would make available to us!

What makes CFTN.F Unique as a Fellowship in Flagstaff?

A Five Fold Ministry Model

I believe our incredible and very high impact group of active leadership sets us both apart and up.  Our leadership is not in competition with each other, rather I have seen we are willing to submit to each other in HONOR and celebrate each other’s strengths, diverse and very necessary gifting’s and callings.  With that, it is our endeavor to continue to establish a fully functioning, cooperative FIVE FOLD MINISTRY model, equipping the Saints for the work for the ministry, which sets us apart in this city.

The Seven Mountain Strategy

Our implementation of the SEVEN MOUNTAIN STRATEGY is one that is not seen or heard of in our city.  I believe that this strategy is anointed of the Lord and will be the strategy that the Lord uses in large part to Harvest the Souls of the Earth.  We, together are recognizing this and taking deliberate steps in order to be an established Seven Mountain Church in our city!  I have attached our potential strategic steps to take in the pages to follow.

His Kingdom Come and His Will Be Done ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN

We are a church given to worship of the Lord!  We established a “Flagstaff House of Worship” which provides for us an opportunity to discover what His Kingdom operates like and what the Supernatural Ways of Royalty (us) should be!  This is where our discipleship takes on a different approach – we are raising up our church to understand what the Kingdom functions like and that is where we will be focusing our resources, our energy etc…

So to sum it up what makes CFTN.F unique is found in this statement:

CFTN.F is a multi-cultural, multi-generational group of Passionate Believers in Jesus who function under the five fold mandate of Ephesians 4 who are fully committed to the Seven Mountain Strategy in order to see the Kingdom of God fully established in the earth!


We want you to as quickly as possible feel right at home and feel like you can jump in at your own pace with no pressure – only enthusiasm.

Our Sunday Celebration Service is a powerful, inspirational and engaging time together! You can expect a great high impact song service mixed with celebration and worship! You can also expect an encouraging message from one of our amazing pastors!

Also and finally – you can expect a warm and inviting welcome from the awesome people who call CFTN.F home!

Join us and see for yourself how easy it would be to join this incredible family!

Midweek Services

Our Life Groups are awesome! We have a variety of groups that meet throughout the city on different nights, we encourage you get plugged in to one!

We have a variety of resources available for you as well, simply go to our “resources” tab and you will find them there!

Again, welcome to CFTN.F

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