Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart...

Day 20: January 25th, 2019


George Matheson was a bright, promising young musician when he received the most devastating news of his life: He was going blind. For several months, as his vision worsened, he had suspected the worst. But more painful than the crushing reality of his blindness was the reaction of his fiancée. When he told her of his condition, she tearfully returned the engagement ring. She said she could not live the rest of her life with a blind man. Stunned by her reaction and overwhelmed with self-pity, Matheson was reeling like a boxer falling to the mat. Then, it was as if he were literally swept into God’s arms, encouraged and uplifted. Still disappointed, yet anchored in soul and spirit, Matheson sat down and composed a song.

In one poignant moment, George Matheson knew more deeply than ever what is the true mark of the Christian – the unmistakable mark of love. That’s what his song was all about. It’s a song sung by believers all over the world, even to this day – the great hymn, “O Love That Will Not Let Me Go!” Through a hurtful trial, he was reminded of the love that would remain forever unaffected. In so doing, he was able even to love the one who had rejected him, as his Lord had loved those who took His very life.

There are so many reasons for us to express our commitment as members of the CFTN.F family. We have been forgiven, blessed, protected, and encouraged. But most of all, we’ve been loved. Our heavenly Father has demonstrated His love for us in that, while we were yet sinners, his own Son died for us! The commitments we make, the prayers we pray, the offerings we give, the energies we devote, are simply expressions of thanksgiving for all He has done.

In these crucial days, let’s look with gratitude to the past, let’s exercise faith in the present, let’s have true vision for the future; but, above all, let’s show a commitment to the challenge before us because of the love He’s shown for us.

Prayer Focus: Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to the hearts of individuals and give those individuals the courage to commit to do what He is asking of them. “Father, would You open the windows of heaven Church for the Nations - Flagstaff, and pour out a blessing that cannot be contained.”


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