That's Impossible - Or Is It?

Day 12: January 17th, 2019


Jesus said to him, “If you can?’ All things are possible to him who believes.” Mark 9:23 NASB ~ It is suggested you read Mark 9:21-24

Imagine this scene….

Jesus is gathered with a small group of followers on a side of Mt. Elden overlooking the areas and city that is surrounding CFTN.F. With a sweeping gesture of His hand, He says Some think there are still four months until the harvest, but I say, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest.” The followers squint their eyes, straining to see what Jesus sees, but they recognize no gleaming fields of grain. They only see houses and buildings, wood and shingles, roads of asphalt all filled with traveling vehicles. With puzzled expressions they turn to Him, as if to ask, “Where exactly is the filed that is ready to harvest?” Knowing their hearts, He says, “I’m not talking about a physical harvesting of fields and grain, but a spiritual harvest of people.” Patiently, He continues, “Loved Ones, you must look above and beyond the run down buildings and roads and all of distractions if you are to see what I see ~ the people the children crying, the parents fighting, the hungry and the cold. It is to them that I came to give life, and give it abundantly.”

Of course, this scenario did not literally occur anywhere near our church. But the scenario described did happen nearly two thousand years ago; when Jesus had this kind of conversation with some of His disciples, He was establishing an enduring and eternal principle that is very important to Him and His heart. There is really no difference between those believers of the first century and us today. Just as He wanted them to see the spiritual harvest, He wants us to do the same today. And just as they needed to look above and beyond, so do we.

Right now, at this crucial moment for the ministry at CFTN.F, God is checking our vision. As we continue on this season of prayer and fasting He’s determining if we can see what He really wants us to see. And He’s challenging us to be obedient to Him as we do what spiritual vision demands that we do. Today, ask yourself and those close to you, “What can we do to check our spiritual vision and ensure that we see what is right?”

Prayer Focus: Ask the Holy Spirit to correct our vision concerning the current harvest of our city. “Father, we need an urgency to arise in our hearts to realize the fields are ready now.”


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