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The "Why" Behind Faith

Day 9: January 14th, 2019


“And without Faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that he is a rewarder of those who seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6 NASB

Bible translator, William Tyndale (this is me "nerding out") was perhaps the most important person in the well-known history of the English Bible. He was, in fact, not only the father of the modern English Bible, but the father of the modern English language. His translation, first published in 1525 AD, and used subsequently in virtually every other major translation for hundreds of years to follow, was the new standard for English expression.

William Tyndale, however, did not live an easy life. He was hunted, persecuted, and eventually killed by those who considered his translative work evil. Putting the Scriptures in a language common people could read? mind-boggling and considered blasphemous! Yet he pursued this goal because he was motivated to communicate what he considered the “lost message of the church” – the message of faith grounded in God’s Solid Word. The book of Acts speaks of a time when the early believers were so filled with the Holy Spirit that their “speaking in tongues” was actually in a language that everyone could understand… could it be that one of the evidences of Spirit Filled, Faith Filled living is being able to speak to people in a manner that they can understand and act by faith on the Love of God as much as possible? Tyndale defined faith as “acting on the promises of God.” It’s doubtful we could come up with a better definition.

As you consider that phrase – acting on the promises of God” – how are you exercising faith today? What promises are you claiming, and how are you living out that reality? For today, identify one specific promise of God that is especially important and significant. Share that promise with others, and consider how you can act on its certainty.

Prayer Focus: Pray that the you and your family as well as the entire Body of Christ at CFTN.F would begin to walk in the promises of God by faith, inheriting every good blessing.

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